by Celso Singo Aramaki

[company: fluxstreets]

Fluxstreets Microbrands K.K.

2006 - 2010 - Microbrands Framework

Startup: Fluxstreets

Fluxstreets was co-founded in 2006 by Celso Singo Aramaki and Mato Obata in Tokyo, Japan. "At Flux Streets, we produce, develop, and deliver new microbrands within specific niche markets; monitor microbrand reputation; create and unify small business networks; manage online advertisement campaigns; and develop innovative solutions to improve data management, visualization, and comprehension." Delayed by the financial crisis in 2007, Fluxstreets returned in 2008-2009 with outsourced development team and was sold as a Framework Project in 2010 for an Asian Advertising Agency with Asian Private Investors.

Celso Singo Aramaki Studio Logo

Production: Celso Singo Aramaki

Celso Singo Aramaki is a visual artist, interaction and information designer. Developed Knowledge Design and Cultural Data Analytics for Knowledge Frameworks Projects in New York, Tokyo and other cities.