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2015 – 2020 Celso Singo Aramaki QNeuron

Celso SingoAramaki is a Visual Artist, Interaction, Information and Knowledge Designer. Developed interactivity design for cultural and artistic contents databases in Tokyo. Executive Producer and entrepreneur for a variety of business projects in technology + art + design for digital contents frameworks.

Celso Singo Aramaki

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Knowledge Project Management

Project Management of experts from divers Knowledge Project Management Project Management of experts from diverse fields of Knowledge. e fields of Knowledge.

Cultural Data Analytics

Treatments of data and implementation of Cultural Data Analytics for new Knowledge Frameworks in Digital Humanities Projects.

Knowledge Designer

Design Thinking with novel concepts such as Cultural Data Analytics to plan and implement new Knowledge Frameworks.


Celso Singo Aramaki


Celso Singo Aramaki is a visual artist, interaction and information designer. Develops Knowledge Design and Cultural Data Analytics for Knowledge Frameworks Projects in New York, Tokyo and other cities. 


Celso Singo Aramaki



CELSO SINGO ARAMAKI INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE DESIGNER WORKS 2015-2020 QNeuron Creative ContentsProjects Management FrameworkQNeuron was co-founded by Celso Singo Aramaki in Tokyo, Japan, with partners and investors from New York, USA …