Knowledge Designer

Design Thinking with novel concepts such as Cultural Data Analytics to plan and implement new Knowledge Frameworks.

Celso Singo Aramaki


Knowledge Projects Consultant

Knowledge Designer in Cultural Data Analytics projects for the creation, dissemination and preservation of new Knowledge Landscapes.


Knowledge Project Management

Knowledge Project Management Project Management of experts from diverse fields of Knowledge.

Celso Singo Aramaki


Celso Singo Aramaki is a visual artist, interaction and information designer. Develops Knowledge Design and Cultural Data Analytics for Knowledge Frameworks Projects in New York, Tokyo and other cities. 

Cultural Data Analytics

Treatments of data and implementation of Cultural Data Analytics for new Knowledge Frameworks in Digital Humanities Projects.

Noograms Omega Point 1 (Celso Singo Aramaki)

Jeffrey Schnapp: Knowledge Design

“The phrase Knowledge Design describes the situation in the contemporary arts and humanities that most engages me as a “digital humanist”: the fact that the form that knowledge assumes can no longer be considered a given. The tools of humanistic inquiry have become as much objects of research and experimentation as have modes of dissemination.”

Knowledge Landscapes and Public Policies

“Design management has traditionally used a Design Thinking approach to develop compelling products and services that resonate with customers, consistently producing financial rewards, and building brand loyalty. But beyond customer-centric empathy, beyond creative iteration, beyond the bias to a maker mentality, design thinking has more to offer the modern organization as a means to cultivate creativity and innovation in an organization.”